10 Ways To Succeed With The Low Carb Lifestyle

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Eating low carb or keto is a lifestyle change for most people. Most people want to change their eating to lose weight and improve their health.

Low carb and keto eating are great ways to improve your lifestyle and health. But like many things in life, it can take some willpower to change old habits and make them new. Changing to a new way of eating or lifestyle is not always easy.

Below are my ten top tips to help you succeed with your low-carb lifestyle.

Think Low Carb

When you start with a low-carb lifestyle, one of the hardest things may be for you to start to think Low Carb. Here is what thinking low carb means to me:

  • You take all the bad carbs out of your kitchen and your life.
  • You start to think about your meals in terms of proteins, vegetables, and fats.
  • You get sugar out of your life and realize that you can walk past the candy bar in the store and not be tempted to eat or buy it.
  • Eat keto or carb-friendly snacks if you get hungry or tempted.
  • Keep your protein up so that you feel full and satisfied.

Don’t Deprive Yourself.

My nutritionists’ counselor at Insulin IQ, Shelby, has told me not to be hungry you need to make sure my protein intake is enough. She said that you are tempted to eat more carbs if you are hungry.

I have found this is true. How many times do I go to the store and I am so hungry I start to buy everything in the store I can think of? Low carb and keto do not mean you must be hungry; instead, you should be satisfied.

Drink Water

If you feel that hunger coming on, then drink water. Water is a great way to test whether you are starving or not.

Water also has so many other benefits, so if you feel hungry, then reach for that water to help you satisfy your hunger.

Cook Your Own Food

One of the benefits and, for some, the worse part of low carb is the food; if you can try to cook and prepare your own food, you know exactly what you are eating. You will then know what food you are eating and are sure it’s low carb.

Eat Fresh Foods

On the keto and low-carb diets, you will be far better off eating fresh foods, not from a can, unless it is a tuna can.

But generally, you will do better eating fresh meat and vegetables. They taste better, but they are also better for your health.

Plan Ahead With Your Food

Plan with your food to not be tempted to go off your diet. Instead, know what you will eat and then stick to that.

I know that when I plan what I am going to eat, it helps me a lot and helps me stick to my diet.

Limit Going Out To Eat

If you can limit going out to eat, this will also help you with your low carb and keto diet. Face it – if you go to restaurants and tell them to put the dressing on the side, we are unsure what they put in it.

We do not know if the dressing has hidden sugar or other things.

Also, do you want to go to Olive Garden and sit in front of a basket of bread you are tempted to eat?

Sometimes not going out to eat is easier than going out to eat to help you ward off temptation.


Exercise alone is not going to help you lose weight as exercise is only 10% of the weight loss and eating is 90%, But I have found that exercising in the morning helps me start my day right and feel better.

So even though exercise alone will not cause you to lose weight, it can help give you motivation and direction in life and help you feel good about what you are doing.

Be In For the Long Haul

Losing weight will take time, so we have to be in for the long haul to be successful; when I say for the long haul, I mean to consistently be on the low carb and keto diet over a long time.

You need to look at low-carb eating as not just a diet but a way of life. That you are long-term changing your life for good.

Compete With Yourself

It can be challenging if you have a friend or even spouse who seems to have the kind of body where they can eat almost anything and never gain weight. We all know that kind of person who seems to have the perfect body and metabolism.

It can be hard not to be upset, jealous, or even wonder why we are not so lucky? The truth is that we all need to learn to compete with ourselves and not others.

Losing weight on low carb and keto is not a destination but a lifelong journey. You are on a lifelong journey for permanent and lasting change, and that will take time, one day and one hour, and one moment at a time.

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