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I started writing the Reluctant Low Carb Life as I know first-hand how hard it can be to make changes and adjustments to your life.

So often, you get a healthcare professional to help and ask, “have you ever had to lose weight?” They say, “well, once I lost 10 pounds!”

Though I admire the counselors for never having to lose much weight, I know they can never fully understand how hard it is to change your eating and fitness lifestyle.

With the Reluctant Low Carb Life, I strive to give you honest advice, accurate information, and real stories about what it means to change in your life and how difficult changing it can be.

I understand that embarking on a health journey or change in life often comes with its fair share of reluctance. The thought of giving up ultra-processed foods and sweet treats is enough to instill a sense of dread in anyone accustomed to the standard Western diet.

However, with a focus on what we like to call the Trifecta of Health”—a holistic approach that champions eating fresh, fitness, and fullness—we can navigate this transition with a sense of purpose and empowerment.

1. Eat Fresh: The Unprocessed Path

Unprocessed Foods: At the core of the Freshness philosophy is a commitment to eating fresh, unprocessed foods. This isn’t just about cutting carbs; it’s about embracing whole foods that nourish and rejuvenate our bodies. Think leafy greens, succulent berries, crunchy nuts, and lean proteins. These foods are the natural antidote to the highly processed, carb-heavy products that dominate grocery store aisles.

Cooking at Home: One of the most effective ways to ensure you’re eating fresh is to cook at home. This can be a daunting task if you’re used to takeout or pre-packaged meals, but the rewards are manifold. You have total control over the ingredients, the cooking methods, and the portion sizes. Plus, the act of cooking becomes a meditative process that can strengthen your resolve and commitment to health.

2. Fitness: The Active Ingredient

Regular Exercise: A low-carb lifestyle isn’t just about what you eat; it’s also about staying active. Fitness is a cornerstone of the Freshess philosophy. Regular exercise helps to manage weight, improves mood, boosts energy, and reduces the risk of chronic diseases. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or lifting weights, find an activity that you enjoy and make it a non-negotiable part of your routine.

Functional Fitness: We advocate for functional fitness—exercises that support your daily activities and enhance your overall well-being. This isn’t about achieving a bodybuilder’s physique; it’s about building a body that’s strong, flexible, and capable of carrying you through life with ease.

3. Fullness: The Satiety Factor

High-Satiety Foods: The fear of hunger often deters people from cutting carbs. But fullness—or satiety—is an integral part of the Freshess approach. By choosing foods that are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, you can satisfy hunger for longer periods. Foods like avocados, eggs, nuts, and seeds not only provide essential nutrients but also help to keep you feeling full.

Mindful Eating: Embracing fullness also means engaging in mindful eating. This practice involves paying close attention to the flavors, textures, and sensations of your food, as well as recognizing your body’s hunger and fullness signals. Mindful eating can prevent overeating and help you to enjoy your food more intensely.

Adopting a health lifestyle through the lens of the Trifecta of Health is about more than just weight loss or dietary restrictions. It’s about cultivating a sustainable, enjoyable way of life that celebrates fresh food, encourages physical activity, and honors your body’s need for fullness.

As you step forward, albeit reluctantly, remember that each choice you make is a step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Embrace the challenge, find joy in the journey, and trust that with each day, the reluctant steps become strides of confident, healthful living.

Fun Facts About Anita

  • Graduated from Brigham Young University in International Relations.
  • Has an MMLCBLA, which is a lot of letters for a Master’s in Law, Chinese Business Law (Open University of Hong Kong)
  • Co-authored a book.
  • Guest speaker at various university and MBA programs.
  • Anita can be seen most days riding her Honda scooter around Hanoi.
  • Founded Project Sprouts, a grassroots charity organization that helps impoverished schools and students in North Vietnam.
  • Lived in Sundsvall, Sweden, during part of High School.
  • I spent one summer backpacking Europe.
  • Spent another summer backpacking in China.
  • Taught English in Taiwan for a summer.
  • Anita does a morning master’s fitness swim class but is still not a very good swimmer; she has to wear fins to keep up with the other swimmers.
  • Has an MSc, Master in Strategic Planning from Edinburgh Business School (Scotland)
  • Is a Doctorate Candidate in Strategic Planning.
  • Loves a life of travel and adventure.
  • On the Global Board of BYU Management Society.
  • Has been an ex-pat for over 30 years.
  • I rode a camel and discovered it is not as comfortable as it looks in the movies.
  • Has studied Chinese, Vietnamese and Swedish; knows enough in each language to get around and get in trouble.
  • An artist who loves to paint funky pictures of dogs, cats, and women of culture.
  • She spends many Saturday mornings cycling with friends around the countryside of Vietnam.
  • Has cycled Ragbrai, the annual bicycle ride through the USA state of Iowa, and discovered Iowa is not flat.
  • I cycled between the BYUs from BYU Provo, Utah, to BYU Idaho and learned it was a crazy thing to do.
  • Loves any kind of good BBC murder mystery.
  • Is a News Junkie.
  • Loves YouTube.
  • Anita took flying lessons in Hong Kong.
  • Is a Foodie who loves excellent and exciting food.
  • Comes from a family of six girls and a home with one bathroom.
  • I love to sail but am not very good at it; I hope to become a better sailor one day.

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