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Embark with us on a voyage into the realm of the low-carb lifestyle. Explore how proper low-carb eating can aid in weight loss while also providing a satisfying fullness, keeping hunger at bay. We stand firm in the belief that all health modifications should become a lasting part of one’s lifestyle.

Why The Reluctant

Low Carb Life?

Hey there, I’m your go-to reluctant low-carb and keto follower! I can tell you firsthand eating the right stuff not only makes me feel top-notch but also does wonders for my health. And yep, I get how tough it can be to make those life changes you know deep down are good for you.

Can you relate?

I bet there are plenty of you out there nodding along with me. That’s what “Reluctant Low Carb Life” is all about. It’s about helping you find the best low-carb diet that works for you and keeps you full and satisfied, so you’re never stuck feeling hungry.

At Reluctant Low Carb Life we are all about fresh food, and not ultra-processed foods, while making sure exercise becomes a regular part of your day.

Our main goal? To equip you with all the info you need to make informed decisions about your health. Decisions that’ll leave you feeling healthy, satisfied, and happy. How does that sound?

Anita Hummel

About Us

Reluctant Low Carb Life explores the keto and low carb lifestyles, fitness, health, wellness, and aging gracefully. We give you honest advice, accurate information, and real stories about what it means to change your life.


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