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Meet James Johnstone, not just a savvy real estate investor with a Scottish legacy and a Master’s from Edinburgh Business School, but also a dedicated food advocate with a zest for health and fitness. His path to success in the United States is laced with an impressive command over business strategy and operations, as well as a keen interest in the aesthetics of design, honed by his time in the dynamic product development scene of Asia.

A writer by passion, James’s prose graces the digital world, highlighting the elegance of interior design and the significance of spaces that enrich our lives. His real estate insight is complemented by his advocacy for a lifestyle sustained by fresh, unprocessed foods that enhance well-being.

Beyond his professional pursuits, James is an enthusiastic cyclist and a voyager at heart, embracing the calming essence of sailing and the rich tapestry of global cultures. He invites you to join his quest for holistic living, weaving together his expertise in real estate with his dedication to a health-conscious life, capturing the essence of both through the stories he shares.

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