What Is A Healthy Lifestyle?

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There have been a lot of talks lately about our lifestyle choices or living a healthy lifestyle. Many people still wonder what a healthy lifestyle is

A healthy lifestyle is about us choosing to eat better, avoid the things which are unhealthy for us, exercise, and move more. It is about doing these three basic things to ensure that we live as full and healthy a life as possible.

3 Basic Things That Help Us Have A Healthy Lifestyle

There are things that we can all choose to do in our life to have a healthy lifestyle; a healthy lifestyle is when we live in such a way that it lowers the risk of us being seriously ill or dying early. Of course, not illness is a disease or preventable, but a large proportion of deaths happen because people choose not to have a healthy lifestyle or make healthy choices.

A healthy lifestyle is also a way of living that will help you to be able to draw enjoy life to its fullest.

Here are three basic things that can help you to have a more healthy lifestyle.

Eat Right, Eat Fresh, Eat Healthily

We live in a world of fast, junk, and convenient food. Many of us rarely eat fresh, eat healthily or eat right.

One of the things that we can do is to start eating right, fresh and healthy foods. That is one reason I love the low carb and keto diet so much. It is all about eating right, fresh and healthy foods.

When I grew up, we only ate fresh homemade foods. We used to have a garden, and we would eat a lot of the vegetables out of our garden.

Today in the United States and around the world, this lifestyle has changed as more people eat fast or processed food. There is a rapid decline in people eating fresh homemade foods; we need to all work to change this in our lifestyle choices.

Avoid Sugar And Junk Food

Eating right, fresh, and healthy food and we should also avoid sugar and junk foods help lead to a healthier lifestyle. A lot of prepackaged and processed foods have added sugars in them.

Today, most Americans eat 77 grams or 2,71 ounces of sugar daily. That is three times the amount of recommended amount of sugar.

If the average is 77 grams or 2.71 ounces of sugar, those with a sweet tooth probably eat more sugar than average.

If you think you do not eat a lot of sugar, you probably eat much more than you think. You should take your sugar intake and cut it by 2/3rd to even be close to the recommended daily sugar allowance.

It is also estimated that the average America will eat almost 12% of their daily intake from fast food. Over a third of American children eat fast food daily; if the children eat it daily then we know their parents are probably also.

We can see that junk food and fast foods are a problem. Eating them does not lead to a healthy lifestyle. Avoiding sugar and junk foods can help you lead a more healthy life.

It would help if you also avoided cigarette smoking, alcohol, and other things considered bad for your health.

Get Out To Exercise And Move More

Get Out To Exercise And Move More

Our ancestors moved much more than most of us do. Most of us have stationary jobs where we sit at a desk most of the day. We do not move as much as our ancestors moved. When we see a staircase, we choose to take the elevator.

When we go to a parking lot, we try to park as close to the front door as possible. Most of us avoid moving as much as we can.,

On top of this, we do not exercise as much as we should. That is why one of the things that we need to do to have a healthy lifestyle is to exercise and move more.

On average, it has been estimated that most Americans spend only two hours per week being physically active. That is just half of the recommended physical activity hours a week.

Most Americans are not exercising as much as they think they do, and no matter how much you think you are exercising, multiply that factor by two or three to get the right amount of exercise you should be doing.

We can all do three basic things to have a healthy lifestyle. We eat better, avoid what is bad for us, and get out to move more.

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