12 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight On Keto

12 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight On Keto

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It is never easy to be on any diet. Though the keto diet may be easier than some other diets, it can still be challenging to stick to it.

If you’re not losing weight on the keto diet, there could be many reasons this is not happening. More than likely, you were eating more carbs and sugars than you think you are, and your body is not in ketosis.

Below are 12 top reasons people are not eating on a keto diet. There could be other reasons, but these are the top 12 reasons that we see when most people are not losing weight on keto.

Eating More Carbs Than You Think

Probably one of the number one reasons you may not be losing weight on a keto diet is because you were eating more carbs than you think. For some reason, as human beings, we can forget about the carbs or the sugars we eat and only remember the excellent food that we eat.

This is usually true if you’re on a keto diet. The truth is that if you are not losing weight on keto, you are probably underestimating the number of carbs you are eating and overestimating the good foods you are eating.

Overeating Sugar

Sugar, like carbs, can also bring your body out of ketosis and bring you off the keto diet. Like carbs, most people will also underestimate how much sugar they are eating or how much sugar is in their diet.

When you are on a Keto diet, you need to take into account any hidden sugars in the foods you are eating. That is one reason why joining a website like the Diet Doctor can help you as they have designed the recipes to make sure there are no hidden sugars or Carbohydrates.

Not In Ketosis

The benefit of having a keto meter is that it will force you to check your blood to see if you are in ketosis. This can help you with your keto diet to see if your body is achieving ketosis or if it is not.

I know some of the most common reasons people are not in ketosis are eating too many carbs or sugars. On the keto diet, carbohydrates should represent only 5 to 10% of your calorie intake, which is much lower than most Americans and Westerners are used to.

Eating The Wrong Sugar Substitutes

Some sugar substitutes are allowed on a keto diet. One of our favorite ones that we use a lot is Monk fruit sugar. Monk fruit sugar is entirely acceptable on a keto diet.

But if you were using other sugars such as palm sugar or coconut sugar, this is not acceptable; it could cause you to go out of ketosis and not lose weight.

Eating The Wrong Keto Foods & Snacks

When you go to grocery stores in the United States, you will see many foods listed as keto or keto-friendly. Not all of these foods will be good for your keto diet, as I may have vast amounts of sugar hidden in them.

Also, you can go to Pizza Restaurants and other places, and they may tell you a portion of food is keto food, but it may have more Carbohydrates than you can have to get your body into ketosis.

Assuming Gluten-Free Is OK On Keto

Many people assume that as long as the food says that it is gluten-free, it is OK to eat on the keto diet. The truth is there is a lot of candy that is also considered to be gluten-free, but it’s not good to eat on any diet.

Many gluten-free foods are made with rice instead of wheat flour. Rice flour will increase your insulin and stop you from going into ketosis or losing weight on a keto diet.

When you are on a diet, the pre-prepared snacks or keto food you may think are fine are not. You need to check the label and see how many carbs and sugar are listed on the package and in the food. If either of those is too high, they are not keto, and you should stay away from them on your keto diet.

Eating Way Too Much

Being on a keto diet is not a license for you to be able to overeat or eat as much as you want to eat at any time of the day or night. Like any other diet, you should check your food intake and ensure you’re eating the proper foods and not overeating.

Being on a keto diet is not a free-for-all that you can eat anything and everything as long as it falls under the keto umbrella of foods.

Drinking Your Carbs and Sugar

Some people may be eating all the right foods on a keto diet, yet they are drinking vast amounts of beverages that include carbs and sugar. An example of this would be alcoholic drinks.

Many alcoholic drinks contain vast amounts of sugars and carbohydrates as wines and even beer. Most Keto diets also ask that you reframe from drinking alcohol on a diet.

Not Eating Healthy Foods

When you are on a keto diet, you should also be eating nutritious and healthy foods. Things such as living on snack bars, keto desserts, or package foods or meals can derail your weight loss and your keto diet.

One of the best ways to eat on your keto diet is to eat clean, which means you are eating fresh meat and keto-approved vegetables. Then you can add some extra foods such as cheese or cream into that.

If you eat nutritious and healthy foods, not only will you feel better, but you will not be hungry and tempted to snack a lot.

Eating Too Many Restaurant Meals

Face it, eating out on a keto diet does not help you succeed on a diet. When you eat in a restaurant, even if you ask them to put the sauces or other things on the side, there could be other additives in the food they’re serving you that you do not know about.

You can eat out on a keto diet, but if you are eating out too frequently or every day, it may be one of the reasons why you are not losing weight on your keto diet.

Not Active Or Exercising

Exercising alone will not help you lose weight, but exercise can have other additional benefits as helping you reduce stress. Reducing stress, in turn helps you on your keto diet.

For me, exercising in the morning helps to give me a huge psychological boost and makes me want to try to be good on my diet the entire dayWhenen I do not get up to exerciseI find that , I struggle throughout the day.

I believe this is one of the benefits of exercise in general for any diet, and exercise is just a good lifestyle choice. Anyone who is on the keto diet should take the time to exercise.

Underlying Medical Condition

If you have done all these things and you’ve been extremely strict on your keto diet, then you may have an underlying medical condition. If you feel you may be in this category, the best thing for you to do would be to make an appointment with your doctor and talk to them to see if you have any medical condition that can stop you from losing weight on a diet.

I do believe that this is not the case for most people, and the reason they are not losing weight is probably due to one of the other issues listed above.

I know that being on any diet is difficult. Whether you are on a keto diet, low-carb diet, or any other kind of diet, it takes quite a bit of willpower and perseverance. Being on a diet and losing weight is not easy.

Being a chronic dieter, I also understand that it can be difficult to tell yourself that you are doing something or being good on your diet when you are not. Sometimes being good on a diet for just one day feels like we have been good the entire week.

The truth is that losing weight on a keto diet takes a lot of hard work and consistency.

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