Nordic Walking Poles Sizes - Choosing The Right Size Pole

Nordic Walking Poles Sizes – Choosing The Right Size Pole

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Having the appropriate gear is paramount to immerse yourself in Nordic walking fully. Among the essential equipment for this sport, Nordic walking poles stand out as a crucial component.

Ensuring that your Nordic walking poles are the correct size for your height is essential for a successful experience. Read on as we delve into the significance of selecting the correct pole size, drawing insights from my experience. We’ll also guide you through calculating the ideal pole length based on height, ultimately enhancing your Nordic walking journey.

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Choosing The Right Size Pole For Nordic Walking: The Key To A Successful Workout

Nordic walking, a sport that combines the benefits of walking with specialized poles, has gained popularity worldwide for its numerous health advantages and full-body workout potential. However, many may not realize that Nordic walking isn’t just about grabbing any old pole and hitting the trail.

To fully experience the benefits of this unique sport, choosing the right size pole tailored to your height is essential. Read on as we explore the importance of fitting your Nordic walking poles to your size, share my experience, and provide practical guidance on selecting the perfect pole length for your Nordic walking adventures.

My Personal Experience With Nordic Pole Sizes

To illustrate the significance of choosing the correct pole size for Nordic walking, let me share a personal experience. I have a sister who is shorter than me, and she uses a set of Nordic walking poles. One day, I did not have my poles, so I decided to try her poles, even though they were noticeably shorter than my own.

To my surprise, it was immediately apparent that her poles were unsuitable for Nordic walking, at least not for someone of my height.

As I attempted to maintain the correct technique and rhythm, it became evident that the shorter poles disrupted my balance and stride. I struggled to engage my core and achieve the fluid motion characteristic of Nordic walking.

It was a frustrating and uncomfortable experience highlighting the importance of poles matching your height and body proportions.

Why Nordic Pole Length Matters

From my experience, I learned why Nordic Pole length matters and why having the right size Nordic walking poles is essential.

Fitting your Nordic walking poles to your size is crucial for several reasons:


Properly sized poles allow you to achieve the correct range of motion and maximize the efficiency of your Nordic walking technique. This means you’ll get a more effective workout and better results.


Using poles that are the correct length for your height ensures a comfortable and ergonomic experience. You’ll avoid unnecessary strain on your arms, shoulders, and back.

Balance And Stability:

The right pole length contributes to better balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls or injuries during your walks.


Nordic walking promotes proper posture, and correctly sized poles support this by encouraging an upright stance and engaging your core muscles.

Determining The Correct Nordic Walking Pole Length

So, how do you determine the correct pole length for your Nordic walking adventures? The essential guide is the Nordic walking poles should be about 70% of your height. There are two primary methods to determine this:

Height-Based Calculation:

This is the most common method for finding the right pole length. You can use the formula: Height (in centimeters) x 0.68.

For fixed-length poles, round the result to the nearest 5 centimeters.

For example, if you have a height of 172 centimeters, the calculation would be 172 cm x 0.68 = 117 cm, rounded down to the nearest 5 cm, resulting in a recommended pole length of 115 cm.

Refer to the height-to-pole length charts we have below:

Elbow Angle Method:

An alternative method involves holding the pole at its grip and standing it upright in front of your body with your elbow held close to your side. The elbow should form a 90-degree or slightly greater angle.

When your elbow creates the correct angle, it signifies that the pole length is suitable for your height. If the angle is too obtuse, the pole is too short, and if it’s too acute, it is too long.

Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic Walking Pole Size Chart

Below is our Nordic Walking Pole sizes chart that lists your sizes in feet, inches, and meters and the pole you should consider for your height. Some online stores will ask you for your height and then send you the pole that matches your height.

Heigth In InchesHeight In MetersNordic Walking Pole Sizes
5′ 00″152.40105
5′ 00″154.94105
5′ 01″157.48105
5′ 02″160.02110
5′ 03″162.56110
5′ 04″165.10110
5′ 05″167.64115
5′ 06″170.18115
5′ 07″172.72`115
5′ 08″175.26120
5′ 09″177.80120
5′ 10″180.34125
5′ 11″182.88125
6′ 00″185.42125
6′ 01″187.96130
6′ 02″190.50130
6′ 03″193.04130
6′ 04″195.58135
6′ 05″198.12135

Choosing the right size pole for Nordic walking is a fundamental aspect of enjoying the sport to its fullest potential. My experience with improperly sized poles emphasized how a mismatch can hinder performance and enjoyment.

To make the most of your Nordic walking workouts, calculate the correct pole length based on your height or use the elbow angle method for a quick assessment.

Remember that Nordic walking is not just a physical activity; it’s an investment in your well-being. Properly sized poles will enhance your efficiency, comfort, stability, and posture while reducing the risk of strain or injury.

So, before you set out on your next Nordic walking adventure, take the time to select the perfect pole length for you and experience the many benefits this sport has to offer.

Happy Nordic walking!

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