My "Why" For Pursuing Weight Loss - Our "Why's" Are Important

My “Why” For Pursuing Weight Loss – Our “Why’s” Are Important

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Recently, I consulted with a physiotherapist, expecting to receive a list of exercises to improve my condition. Surprisingly, the first thing he told me was that I needed to lose weight. While this wasn’t news, it was a wake-up call that sparked deeper reflection.

He asked me, “What is your ‘Why’? Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to be fit?” These questions got me thinking about my desire to shed those extra pounds. Understanding our “Why” is foundational in any weight loss journey. It pushes us to change our behaviors, strive for improvement, eat wisely, and lose weight.

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My Whys For Losing Weight

So, I’d like to share some of my “Whys” to define my goals better and perhaps inspire others to identify theirs.


As basic as it may sound, my top priority is to be healthier. Extra weight often brings many health issues, and I wish to avoid them.

I realize that just helping alone may seem to be very basic. But the truth is being healthy is important to me. I must have the help to do everything I want with my life.

The Movie The Whale, Hitting Close To Home

Recently, I found myself on a flight watching a critically acclaimed movie called “The Whale.” While the film has garnered numerous awards, I found it distressing to watch.

The Whale (Movie)
The Whale (Movie)

Whether it hit too close to home or it was unsettling to see a character struggle so severely with mobility, the experience served as a stark reminder. This got me thinking: having health as one of your “Whys” for wanting to change your life isn’t just acceptable—it should serve as a potent motivator to do more.

The film’s portrayal of the character’s difficulty in moving around resonated with me, reinforcing my reasons for wanting to be healthier. Sometimes, we encounter these little reminders in life that nudge us toward better choices, and for me, this movie served as one such wake-up call.


I want to walk without discomfort. My knees have been giving me trouble, making even short distances a painful endeavor. Losing weight can alleviate some of this pain, enhancing my mobility.

That is why I went to the doctor to look at my knees and how to improve them; the answer came to lose more weight.


My work alternates between sitting at a desk and being on the move. I don’t want the passive aspects of my job to limit my ability to be active. I want to engage freely in various activities without my weight holding me back.

Aging Gracefully:

It’s a harsh reality that our bodies decline with age. My doctor noted that the aging process can accelerate noticeably from 45 onwards. I believe that by staying active and losing weight, I can combat some of the natural deterioration of aging.


Our ancestors had physically demanding lives—working on farms, milking cows, churning butter. In contrast, modern conveniences have led us to a largely sedentary lifestyle. I want to break out of that mold and adopt a more active way of living.

We need to decide and decide that our why in life should be about being active and fit. Walking, running, and just being active.

No matter where we live or what condition we find ourselves in today, we can choose to have that as part of our lifestyle. We can make this our “why” to choose this.

Whys In Weight Loss

Self-Esteem And Autonomy:

This might be the most personal “Why” of all. I want to feel good about myself, knowing that health is something only I can attain for myself.

Achieving a healthier weight isn’t just about how others see me but, more importantly, how I see myself. No one else can make this change for me, and achieving it will significantly boost my self-esteem and sense of autonomy.

As we age, movement becomes increasingly challenging. Joints ache, and bones become frail. I want to prepare for this phase of life by taking control of my health now.

Those are my “Whys.” What are yours? Why do you want to improve, become a better version of yourself, and make meaningful changes in your life?

Our “Whys” In Life Do Matter

Reflecting on my consultation with the doctor, I understood the importance of identifying my “Why.” While he could have easily provided me with a list of exercises, stretches, and various other recommendations, he chose instead to focus on the motivational core of my journey toward better health.

He wanted me to leave his office with a regimen to follow and a deep-seated understanding of my motivations.

What would drive me to do the exercises he prescribed? What would push me to make healthier choices once I stepped out of his clinic?

Weight Loss Problem

It’s clear to me now that our “Whys” are the compass guiding us through the maze of lifestyle choices. Knowing why we want to do something gives our actions purpose and makes the pursuit meaningful.

Without a clear “Why,” even the most meticulously planned regimen can crumble due to a lack of internal motivation.

So yes, I wholeheartedly agree with my doctor. Our “Whys” aren’t just relevant; they’re foundational. They are the emotional and psychological fuel for transformative life changes.

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