Is The Diet Doctor Legit?

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When many people are starting on the keto and low-carb diet, they may come across, and website and company based out of Sweden called the Diet Doctor.

The Diet Doctor is a legitimate app that helps people to navigate the keto and low-carb lifestyle. The app has many features, including many recipes, to help people understand more clearly what they can or can not eat on the keto or low-carb diet.


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Why Subscribe To The Diet Doctor?

The Diet Doctor is one of the best online communities to find inspiration for the keto and low-carb diet. The Diet Doctor is a group of like-minded individuals with recipes to help you on your keto and low-carb journey.

One of the things that I like about the Diet Doctor website is as follows:

  • Recipes – One of the significant reasons for you to consider joining the Diet Doctor is their recipes. They have some great videos to show you how t make some of the foods quickly. This is one of the major ways I use the Diet Doctor App.
  • Meal Plans – If you are unsure what to eat, the Diet Doctor also has some meal plans to help guide you through your keto and low-carb journey.
  • Track Your Stats – The Diet Doctor has a place where you can track all your fitness stats, such as your weight, waist, and blood pressure. All of your body composition.
  • Connect – If you are looking for a community to help you on this journey, the Diet Doctor also has a very active community and groups you can join for extra support.
  • Personalized Plan – If you want a personalized plan, the diet doctor can also help you with that.
  • Podcast – Anyone can listen to their podcasts and download them from the Apple App Store; they are very informative. You can find out more by clicking here.
  • Expert Knowledge – The Diet Doctor website has a wealth of knowledge on low-carb and keto lifestyles. If you are serious about this diet and lifestyle, the diet doctor can help you.

The Diet Doctor subscription is very reasonable. You can get a free 30-day trial, and then if you like the program, it is about 99 USD for a year. Find out more by clicking here.

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Who Is The Diet Doctor?

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, a Swedish medical doctor, looked for ways to help his patients get healthier. The Diet Doctor started in a small way as he organized a blog in Swedish in 2007 to support and inform people on ways to improve their health; he simply wanted to see his patients and others improve their health.

Dr. Eenfeldt felt that giving people more pills was not the solution, so Dr. Eenfelt started researching to find a way to help his patients without having to subscribe to many drugs. He realized that many of his patients suffered from life-long illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

He found in his research that there was a better way to treat his patients with lifestyle and food changes.

Dr. Eenfeldt and some other Swedish doctors realized that one of the best ways to help his patients without pills, surgery, or medicine was through the keto and low-carb lifestyle. He started to travel around Scandinavian to talk about how a low-carb diet could help curb obesity and other health problems.

In the United States, the obesity rate of the adult population is over 41% and rising yearly. By 2030 nearly half of all US adults will be considered obese.

Thanks to doctors like Dr. Eenfeldt and other medical professionals in Sweden, the obesity rate has stabilized at just under 14%.

Where America’s trend is for the obesity rate to continue to increase, in Sweden, medical professionals such as Dr.Eenfeldt have been taking an active role in finding ways to educate the population and decrease the obesity rates.

One of the driving forces behind Dr. Eenfeldt’s mission was to find a way to help educate the public about why a keto and low-carb diet was necessary for their health and, at the same time, give them ideas as to how they can live the lifestyle.

The Diet Doctor website is legitimate. It is a website that helps people to be able to navigate the low-carb and keto lifestyle.

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