Effect Of Ultra-processed Foods On Health Explored

Effect Of Ultra-Processed Foods On Health Explored

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Lately, there is a lot of talk about the Ultra-processed foods we eat and their effect on our health. Though there is only some research on it, many believe eating too many Utlra-processed foods can affect our health and well-being.

Ultra-processed foods, just by the nature of the word used to describe them, are highly processed foods. Most of these foods will have a list of chemicals you will not find in your kitchen, nor would you use if you made the food fresh. That is why at Reluctant Low Carb Life, we believe in cooking fresh foods, fitness, and making foods where you will feel full longer. Read on as we explore all these and Ultra-processed foods.

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The Surprising Impact Of Ultra-Processed Foods On Health

First, a Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a researcher on ultra-processed food. My perspectives are formed from personal experiences and observations over the years. As always, consult with professionals about health matters.

My Story About Ultra-processed Foods

Growing up in a household where processed food was alien to our dining table, I often wondered about the transformation in our dietary habits and its impact on health. As someone who has indulged in fresh and ultra-processed food, the difference in how they affect the body is palpable.

In my younger years, everything we consumed came straight from our garden. The convenience of processed food was a luxury we couldn’t afford.

My father, a college teacher, had a large family of six children to cater to. We were blessed with land, which meant a lot of home-cooked meals prepared from scratch.

My culinary skills were honed by watching and helping my mother cook with fresh ingredients. Winters meant savoring the taste of vegetables canned or frozen during the summer.

The luxury of convenience foods was a rarity; perhaps, this was the foundation of our relatively healthier constitution.

Fast forward to today, particularly in the United States, and it seems the tables have turned. Supermarkets teem with shelves stocked with ultra-processed foods, wrapped and packed, ready to be consumed.

It starkly contrasts my time in Vietnam, where buying fresh produce is the norm, primarily because it’s more affordable than its processed counterpart. Having experienced both sides, I can’t help but feel the palpable difference in health, energy, and overall satisfaction when consuming fresh food.

Why Fresh Foods Over Ultra – Processed Foods?

At Reluctant Low-Carb Life, our philosophy on health revolves around three cardinal principles:

Fresh Foods:

There’s an unparalleled joy in eating food you’ve cooked yourself, where you know each ingredient that has gone into it. Fresh doesn’t always mean raw; it implies wholesome, minimally processed food that retains the natural nutrients.

By endorsing the essence of freshness, you’re not only enjoying a meal but are also in sync with its nutritional value.



Just as necessary as what you consume is ensuring that the body remains in motion. We emphasize finding an activity that resonates with you, something you genuinely enjoy.

For us, that’s Nordic walking. It provides a more comprehensive workout than conventional walking, engaging both the upper and lower body.

Unprocessed Or Minimally Processed Foods
Unprocessed Or Minimally Processed Foods


It’s not just about eating but about feeling content with what you eat. It’s the satiety that prevents overeating and ensures you’re nourished. With their high fiber content and natural components, fresh foods provide a more prolonged sense of fullness than ultra-processed foods laden with sugars and empty calories.

Making Sense Of Ultra-Processed Foods

While I advocate for fresh food, I understand the appeal of processed foods. They’re convenient, longer-lasting, and can be delicious.

Also, ultra-processed foods are more convenient and accessible than fresh foods. You can heat something in the microwave; a few minutes later, it is ready to be eaten.

But here’s where logic kicks in for me: ultra-processed foods are stripped of their natural nutrients and infused with additives, artificial flavors, and, often, excessive amounts of sugar and salt.

Over time, these can have potential health impacts. Although definitive research on the long-term effects is still ongoing, instinctively, for me, nature’s produce seems like a safer bet.

While ultra-processed foods offer convenience, their potential long-term health impacts can’t be ignored. Returning to the basics, to the freshness of home-cooked meals, complemented with fitness and a sense of fullness, might be the secret recipe for a healthier life.

That is why we greatly believe in limiting our Ultra-processed foods as much as possible and instead trying to cook fresh foods that will keep you full and feeling satiated longer than ultra-processed foods. Not only will this be good for your overall health, but also for your waistline.

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