Are Nordic Walking Sticks Worth It? Exploring The Benefits And Considerations

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Specific activities have stood the test of time in the ever-evolving landscape of fitness and exercise. One such activity is walking.

Walking is universally accepted as a simple and effective way to enhance one’s health; walking offers numerous benefits. However, a newer fitness trend known as Nordic walking has emerged, raising questions about its effectiveness and whether the investment in Nordic walking sticks is worth it. This article will delve into Nordic walking, its unique characteristics, and whether Nordic walking sticks are a worthwhile addition to your fitness routine.

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Are Nordic Walking Sticks Worth It?

While Nordic walking presents numerous benefits, the effectiveness of the activity is closely tied to the quality and suitability of the walking sticks. Properly sized Nordic walking sticks ensure a comfortable and effective workout.

As tennis players require racquets that match their playing style and physique, Nordic walkers need sticks that complement their height and gait.

If you are serious about Nordic walking, you should invest in proper Nordic Walking sticks; the Nordic walking sticks are part of the Nordic Walking Sport.

Just like if you play tennis, you may need to invest in a tennis racquet and some tennis balls; if you are serious about Nordic walking, you should invest in Nordic walking sticks.

Here are some things to remember:

The Importance Of Proper Fit:

A crucial factor in determining the worth of Nordic walking sticks lies in their fit. Ill-fitting sticks can hinder the intended benefits of the activity and even lead to discomfort or injury.

For example, using too short sticks may cause individuals to lean forward excessively, disrupting their natural walking posture. Conversely, too long sticks can make the movements awkward and strain the upper body.

Size Sticks That Fit For Your Height

Selecting the appropriate pole length for your height is a crucial aspect of Nordic Walking. To aid you in making the right choice, refer to the following chart, which guides matching pole sizes with different heights.

Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles
Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles

Heigth In InchesHeight In MetersNordic Walking Pole Sizes
5’ 00”152.40105
5′ 00”154.94105
5′ 01”157.48105
5′ 02”160.02110
5′ 03”162.56110
5′ 04”165.10110
5′ 05”167.64115
5′ 06”170.18115
5′ 07”172.72`115
5′ 08”175.26120
5′ 09”177.80120
5′ 10”180.34125
5′ 11”182.88125
6′ 00”185.42125
6′ 01”187.96130
6′ 02”190.50130
6′ 03”193.04130
6′ 04”195.58135
6′ 05”198.12135

Glove Fit On Nordic Walking Sticks

The original Nordic walking sticks have a glove that attaches to the stick. This glove allows you to walk with the sticks behind you and not hold on tight to the pole. The gloves ensure you have the proper form for Nordic walking.

Sticks Need To Fit Your Height

The Nordic Walking sticks need to fit as per your height. That is why if someone is shorter or taller than you, you may not be able to borrow their sticks as they need to fit your height.

Benefits of Nordic Walking
Benefits of Nordic Walking

That is also why we recommend you buy your sticks from someone who can recommend the size you need for your height.

My sister has a pair of Nordic walking sticks, and she is shorter than me, so I have tried to walk with her sticks, but it does not work. They are just too short for me to walk correctly.

Investing In The Sport:

Investing in appropriate equipment enhances the experience and outcomes of any sport or fitness activity. Nordic walking sticks are not just accessories; they are integral to the practice of Nordic walking itself.

A properly sized pair of sticks allows individuals to perform the technique correctly, engage the intended muscle groups, and optimize the exercise’s benefits.

The Power Of Walking:

Before diving into the specifics of Nordic walking, it’s essential to acknowledge the well-established benefits of walking itself. Walking is an accessible exercise that requires minimal equipment and can be done virtually anywhere.

Walking promotes cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, aids in weight management, and improves mood.

Additionally, walking offers a low-impact workout, making it suitable for people of varying fitness levels and ages. These advantages have solidified walking as a cornerstone of many individuals’ exercise routines.

Exploring Nordic Walking:

Although relatively new to some, Nordic walking has been a longstanding tradition in regions such as Scandinavia. Unlike regular walking, Nordic walking incorporates specially designed walking poles or sticks.

These poles are similar in appearance to ski poles and are used to enhance the workout experience. The distinctive Nordic walking technique involves propelling oneself forward with each step by planting the poles firmly on the ground and pushing off, engaging both the upper and lower body.

Benefits Of Nordic Walking:

One of the great things about Nordic walking is that Nordic Walking has a lot of great benefits. Even though walking is an excellent exercise if you add the Nordic walking sticks, there are some great benefits to those Nordic walking sticks.

Here are some benefits of Nordic walking:

Increased Caloric Expenditure:

Using Nordic walking sticks adds an element of resistance to each step, resulting in increased caloric expenditure compared to traditional walking. This can particularly appeal to individuals seeking to burn more calories during their workouts.

Full-Body Engagement:

Nordic walking engages upper and lower body muscles, providing a comprehensive workout. The poles encourage arm and shoulder movement, improving upper body strength.

Enhanced Posture And Balance:

Nordic walking promotes an upright posture and engages the core muscles, contributing to better balance and stability.

Reduced Joint Impact:

Like regular walking, Nordic walking is a low-impact exercise, making it suitable for individuals with joint concerns or those seeking a gentler workout option.

In seeking improved health and fitness, Nordic walking offers a unique blend of cardiovascular exercise and full-body engagement. The addition of Nordic walking sticks enhances the workout by increasing caloric expenditure and engaging upper and lower body muscles.

However, the value of Nordic walking sticks lies in their proper fit, aligning with the individual’s height and gait. Just as tennis players wouldn’t compromise on their racquets, Nordic walkers should prioritize investing in sticks that enable them to enjoy the benefits of the activity thoroughly.

So, if you’re considering Nordic walking as a part of your fitness routine, don’t overlook the importance of adequately fitting Nordic walking sticks—they might be the key to unlocking a more effective and enjoyable workout.

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