Is Nordic Walking Better Than Regular Walking?

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If you now have walking as part of your daily exercise, you may consider adding some Nordic walking poles to that exercise to give yourself some added benefits.

Nordic walking is shown to engage about 90% of your muscles. It is known to be a superior exercise when compared to just regular walking. There are many added benefits to adding Nordic walking poles to your walking routine. It is a relatively simple and easy walking exercise to do.

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What Is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is considered to be a low-impact, full-body workout. As it is a walking workout that includes walking poles, it is regarded as one of the best walking workouts for your body.

With Nordic walking, it is estimated that by adding the Nordic poles to your regular walking, you will use up to 90% of all your muscles while at the same time getting an intense cardiovascular and strength training workout. In short, Nordic walking is better for you than just regular walking.

The basic concept of Nordic walking is that you add the walking poles, so as you are walking, you are also working your upper and lower body.

Think of this as a difference between getting on an eclipse machine to work your arms and legs or walking on a treadmill. The eclipse machine is, of course, working your upper and lower body more than just walking on a treadmill.

Nordic walking is essentially the same thing. You are using the walking poles to exercise not just your lower body but also your upper body.

Benefits Of Nordic Walking Vs. Regular Walking

Any type of exercise and especially walking is good for you. There are some additional benefits in adding Nordic poles and using them as part of your walking exercise routine.

Here are some of the added benefits of Nordic walking:

Nordic Walking Turns Your Walk Into A Full Body Workout

Nordic walking turns your walking workout into a full-body exercise. Walking generally works your lower body, such as your legs, quads, glutes, and calves but not the upper body.

When you add the Nordic walking poles, you are now turning your walking into a total body workout. The Nordic walking poles help add strength training and cardio components for the upper body. The Nordic walking poles help you work not just your legs when walking but also your arms, shoulders, upper back, and core.

Nordic Walking Burns More Calories

Nordic walking also burns more calories than just regular walking. The reason is that more muscle groups are being engaged, so you are burning more calories for the time and distance of your walk than if you just went on a regular walk.

Some people estimate there could be a 40 to 50% increase in your calorie expenditure when you add the Nordic walking poles to your walking. This means you will burn 40 to 50% more calories just by adding the Nordic poles as part of your walking routine for the same amount of time and distance.

Nordic Poles Provide Stability

Another benefit of Nordic walking is that it can help provide stability and prevent falls. If you are unsure about your feet or have issues with your balance, Nordic walking can help with your balance issues.

Nordic walking is known to be good for the joints. If you have bad knees or other joint issues, Nordic walking is better on those joints than just regular walking.

Nordic Walking Is A Great Heart Exercise

A recent study by the Canadian journal of cardiology found that Nordic walking was superior to other exercises for improving heart patients’ function and physical abilities. In other words, Nordic walking is an excellent exercise for your overall heart health.

How To Nordic Walk?

Nordic walking does not need to be a complicated exercise. The key to being able to Nordic walk is that you have the Nordic walking poles slightly behind you, and you move the poles alongside your body, opposite your legs.

In other words, if your right foot is out, you use your left hand with your pole. When your left foot is out, you will use your right hand with your pole, etc. Your pole should be at a 45° angle.

If you are swinging your arms while walking, you will have the poles in your arms instead of just swinging your arms. The poles will contact the ground as use foot strikes the ground.

An added benefit of the Nordic Walking poles is if you have bad knees or feel unstable on your feet, the poles can help you with your stability or take some of the pressure off your joints.

At Reluctant low-carb life, we love Nordic walking and feel it is an excellent exercise that anyone can do. Nordic walking is quite popular in Europe and other parts of the world. It is starting to catch on in the United States.

We believe Nordic walking is an exercise that will continue to catch on as many people learn about the great benefits of Nordic walking.

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What Is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is a technique where you use poles to propel you forward when walking. Nordic walking uses more muscles than just regular walking. To master the Nordic walking technique, you should focus on three main areas: the Nordic walking style, the correct posture, and the proper use of the Nordic walking poles.

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Nordic Walking The Full Body Workout Benefits

Nordic walking is an entire-body workout that gives many additional benefits to regular walking. Nordic walking uses more muscles than just regular walking. It also burns more calories than normal walking. To Nordic walk, you must have a set of Nordic walking poles, good walking shoes, and comfortable clothes.

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