The Amount Of Calories To Eat While On A Ketogenic Diet

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We are so used to counting calories that when many people go on a keto diet, the first thing they want to know is how many calories they can eat on a diet.

Most ketogenic diets do not require you to count calories but to eat as per the keto way. The reason is that when you are in ketosis, you will not be as hungry as when you are not; most people will be able to stay within the appropriate calorie amount.

Ketogenic Diets And Calorie Counting

The ketogenic diet usually doesn’t give an actual number of calories to eat on a diet. The Keto diet instead gives us suggestions of what to eat.

For example, the Atkins 20 diet, one of the most well-known ketogenic diets, recommends women aim for 1500 to 1800 cal per day while the minimum for men is 1800 to 2200 calories.

But most ketogenic or keto diets do not recommend a certain amount of calories. The truth is that when your body is in ketosis, you will not be as hungry as when your body is not in ketosis. This can be a perfect thing because it usually means you will have less hunger, so you are eating less.

The good thing about the keto diet is that most people will stay within its calorie guide, incredibly if they are not filling up on cookies or crackers. When we fill on fill up with many kinds of empty calories, then we start to become hungry.

If you stick to a ketogenic diet and eat as we suggest, which means that you eat fresh whole foods, you will become satisfied sooner than if you ate a lot of empty calories.

We recommend that people fill up on fresh vegetables and meat and then use nuts, fat, and cheese for added flavor. If you do that, then you usually do not go overboard on the calories.

Write Down What You Eat On A Diet

We recommend that you watch and write down what you’re eating on any diet, even a keto diet. Many programs, like My Fitness Plan, will allow you to write down everything you have eaten.

Here are a few things that writing down your food does:

  • Keeps You Accountable – Writing down what you eat helps to keep you accountable. As you have to write down everything you’ve eaten, it serves as a record for you to see exactly what you ate and how much you ate.
  • Keep Track Of Carbs – Many programs like My Fitness Pal help you to be able to keep track of your carbs. This enables you to see if you’re eating more carbs than you should.
  • Serves As A Record – A record is always a good thing to keep; writing down what you eat is your fitness record. Not only can you put in your exercise, but you could also put in how much water you drink and what you have eaten.
  • Helps You See Patterns Or Habits – Writing down what you eat can also help you to see specific patterns or habits. Habits that maybe you want to try to break or change. Research has shown that writing down what you eat can be an effective way to help you transform your behavior.

I understand that having to write down everything you eat can sometimes be a bit of a hassle. But here are a few tips that can help you to write down what we eat:

  • Use A Program – We recommend you use a program like My Fitness Pal or Lose It. These programs, as they sync with multi-devices, will help you to be able to keep track of everything you have eaten no matter what device you are on.
  • Write Down Right After You Eat Something – Write down what you were eating right after you had eaten something. Don’t wait until the end of the day because your recollection will likely be incorrect. Also, you might find you’re tired and don’t do it.
  • Be As Specific As Possible – Be as specific as possible about what you eat. For example, try to write down the size or the amount, so you will know specifically what it is.

Watch The Calories And Carbs Of Keto Labeled Foods

When you are on a ketogenic diet, one of the things you need to watch is the foods you eat. Check the nutrition labels of keto-friendly foods.

Many of these foods labeled as keto-friendly may be very high in calories, carbs, and sugar. Just because something is labeled as keto-friendly does not mean it is.

For many people, these extra foods or snacks are causing them not to lose weight on the keto diet. Instead of eating a candy bar, they may eat many keto protein bars thinking that it is OK as the label says they are low carb or keto-friendly. But even if they are low carb, they still may have sugar or other things in them, which could get you out of ketosis.

The keto diet may be your diet if you don’t like to count calories. But even if you’re not counting calories is still good for you to write down what you were eating so that you can be responsible and understand precisely what you’re eating on your diet.

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