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Losing weight can be one of the most challenging things that most of us will ever do. Losing weight takes a lot of self-control.

The miracle of weight loss is that we can all lose weight, and when we do, many times, our bodies will start to self-correct themselves. On average, a person will gain 2 pounds per year. Over the years, the pounds will begin to pile on. The miracle of weight loss is that we can get our act together in a short time; we can lose all the weight we have gained over the years.

We will feel better and healthier than ever before when we lose weight. We will see changes in our bodies and, in most cases, feel younger and healthier than before.

What Is The Miracle Of Weight Loss?

I talked to my Insulin IQ nutritionistShelby the other day. We were having one of our sessions online.

I complained that I only saw 2 pounds per week weight loss as we talked – I wanted to see 5 or 10 pounds per week. Not sure why we all think that we should be losing so much more than what we do and are not happy with the weight loss we see.

Shelby pointed out to me something I had never thought about before. She said isn’t it interesting how we can spend 20 or 30 years or more and abuse our bodies day after day or even year after year. But when we start to eat right, our bodies can begin to heal themselves. 

Here are some ways that we can see the miracle of weight loss as we start to eat right and lose weight:

  • Insulin And Sugar Levels Normalize – Many diabetics or those with sugar issues find that when they cut sugar out of their lives, they start to see numbers as their sugar or insulin numbers become normal.
  • Aches And Pains Start To Go Away – Some foods we eat can also cause inflammation in our bodies. Eating right can reduce the inflammation in your body and help you feel better.
  • Feel Younger – Losing weight can help you to feel and look younger.
  • Structurally Healthier – The extra weight on our body puts stress on our bones, joints, and structure. In some cases, we can hardly move due to the excess weight, or we may constantly have sore knees and other joints. Losing weight can help our joints, bones, and structures heal themselves and feel better, especially as we no longer carry around all the extra weight.
  • Have More Energy – Face it, all that extra weight can zap you of your energy. Losing weight can help you to get that energy back.
  • Body Getting Healthy Nutrients – When you eat right, your body gets healthy nutrients to help your body look, feel and be more beneficial.

There are countless benefits to weight loss. But the real miracle of weight loss is how forgiving your body is that you spend years abusing your body, and when you start to turn your eating around then, you will find that your body, in many cases, will begin to heal and improve on its own – that is the miracle of weight loss.

Our Average Weight Gains Per Year

The CDC says that the average person will gain about 1 to 2 pounds per year from our 20s to our Mid 60s. That is only the average, and some of us will gain much more than that over the years.

The number of 1 to 2 pounds per year may not seem like much or very much to worry about, but if you gain only 2 pounds per year, then by the time you hit the age of 65, you will be 90 pounds heavier at age 65 than you were at age 20 years old.

At that rate, if you were 135 pounds at age 20, by the time you hit 65, you will be 225 pounds which would put most people in the obesity category. If you were 165 pounds at age 20, then by age 65, you would be 255 pounds, which would also put most people in the obese category.

90% And 10% Rule For Weight Loss Miracle

The hard truth about weight loss is that we need to follow the 90% and 10% rule for weight loss which means that to lose weight, it will be 90% of what you are eating that will make the difference, and only 10% is your exercise.

For years I was an avid exerciser, and because of that, for a long time, I did not gain a lot of weight when I ate poorly, but I also did not lose a lot of weight. When I talk about being an avid exerciser, I mean I ran over 10 miles a day or biked long distances.

So if you want to lose weight, 90% of your effort needs to go into what you eat and how much you eat. In particular, we believe that you need to look at the keto and low-carb lifestyle to lose weight effectively.

If you like to exercise, exercise will help your weight loss by only 10%. So to lose weight, your focus needs to be on the food you eat and not just one exercise. Exercise alone will not help you lose the weight you need to lose.

The miracle of weight loss shows us that we can abuse our bodies and eat poorly, but with a change in our habits and lifestyle, our bodies will start to correct themselves and look and feel healthier.

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