Nordic Walking Meaning And Nordic Walking Sticks

Nordic Walking Meaning And Nordic Walking Sticks

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Nothing is greater than walking outside in the crisp blue air and enjoying the sunshine. Add two Nordic walking poles that will help you along with your walk.

Nordic Walking has been popular in Scandinavia, Europe, and Japan. It is starting to catch on in the United States. Nordic walking has its roots in cross-country skiing and was invented for cross-country skiers to remain fit in the off-season. Today, it continues to remain a popular exercise to remain fit.

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Exploring The Meaning And Benefits Of Nordic Walking

Picture yourself strolling through your neighborhood, gripping poles and moving with a purposeful stride. This is Nordic walking, a form of exercise rooted in cross-country skiing.

What began as a summer training technique for skiers has become a popular exercise regimen among older adults. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the history of Nordic walking, its benefits, techniques, and the unique equipment involved.

History Of Nordic Walking

History Of Nordic Walking

Nordic walking traces its origins back to Finland in the early 20th century. Cross-country skiers were looking for ways to maintain their fitness levels during the off-season.

They discovered that by mimicking the skiing motions and using poles to propel themselves forward, they could engage their upper and lower body muscles. This realization led to the development of Nordic walking as a form of summer training.

The concept gained prominence in the 1970s when Mauri Repo, a Finnish cross-country ski coach, introduced it to his athletes. Repo’s idea was to create a training method to provide a full-body workout and maintain cardiovascular fitness during the warmer months.

By doing this, it was discovered that the cross-country skiers could remain fit during the off-season. Not only that, it was a great exercise that almost anyone could do.

That is why Nordic walking spread across Europe and eventually found its way to the United States.

Benefits Of Nordic Walking

One of the most appealing aspects of Nordic walking is its ability to engage a wide range of muscles. Traditional walking primarily focuses on the muscles below the waist, but Nordic walking incorporates the upper body.

Nordic walking activates 80% to 90% of your muscles, resulting in a more intensive calorie-burning workout.

Studies have consistently shown that Nordic walking burns more calories than traditional walking, with estimates ranging from 18% to 67% higher calorie expenditure. Furthermore, Nordic walking is associated with a variety of health benefits, including:

  1. Reductions in fat mass, LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides.
  2. Improved mental well-being, including reduced depression and anxiety.
  3. Alleviation of chronic pain and increased flexibility.
  4. It enhanced cardiovascular fitness and endurance.
  5. Positive impact on waist circumference, HDL cholesterol, and overall quality of life.

Nordic walking also offers stability benefits, as poles provide additional ground contact points, enhancing balance and reducing reliance on two feet alone.

Techniques And Equipment Of Nordic Walking

There are different techniques employed in Nordic walking, each with its benefits. One of the techniques is “double poling,” where both poles are planted symmetrically in front of you, aiding in pulling yourself forward as you walk. This technique follows a rhythmic pattern of double poling followed by three steps.

Nordic Walking Sticks

Another technique is “single poling,” which mirrors the movement of your feet. With this technique, you can use the same arm and leg together or alternate sides.

Single poling is similar to Eclipse Machine, where you pull your arm with the opposite foot. Most people will start with the single poling method and gradually incorporate more vigorous arm swinging as they gain confidence.

Nordic Walking Poles Explained

One of the distinguishing features of Nordic walking is the specialized poles used. Unlike traditional trekking poles, Nordic poles have a glove-like system that you slide your hand into.

This unique design lets you use your palm to transmit power to the poles and propel yourself forward. These poles can be found in sporting goods stores and online, ranging from lightweight aluminum to carbon material and adjustable heights.

The poles should be fitted to your height. So, if you are serious about Nordic walking, you should ensure you have correctly fitted poles. Properly fitted poles will help you to ensure you have the proper Nordic walking technique.

Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles

One of the most important things you can do when you are Nordic Walking is to choose the right size poles for your height. Here is a chart that can help you to choose the right size poles for your height.

Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles
Guide To Choosing The Right Size Nordic Walking Poles

Heigth In InchesHeight In MetersNordic Walking Pole Sizes
5’ 00”152.40105
5’ 00”154.94105
5′ 00”157.48105
5′ 01”160.02110
5′ 02”162.56110
5′ 03”165.10110
5′ 04”167.64115
5′ 05”170.18115
5′ 06”172.72`115
5′ 07”175.26120
5′ 08”177.80120
5′ 09”180.34125
5′ 10”182.88125
5′ 11”185.42125
6′ 00”187.96130
6′ 01”190.50130
6′ 02”193.04130
6′ 03”195.58135
6′ 04”198.12135
Nordic Pole Height and Sizes

Nordic walking, born out of the desire to maintain fitness during the off-season for cross-country skiers, has evolved into a comprehensive exercise regimen that offers numerous health benefits.

By engaging upper and lower body muscles, Nordic walking provides a higher calorie-burning workout than traditional walking. Its association with reduced cholesterol, improved mental well-being, and enhanced cardiovascular fitness makes it an attractive choice for people of all ages, particularly older adults.

The unique techniques and specialized poles contribute to its effectiveness and appeal. As it gains popularity, Nordic walking is proving to be a delightful and impactful way to stay active while enjoying the great outdoors.

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What Is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is a technique where you use poles to propel you forward when walking. Nordic walking uses more muscles than just regular walking. To master the Nordic walking technique, you should focus on three main areas: the Nordic walking style, the correct posture, and the proper use of the Nordic walking poles.

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Nordic Walking The Full Body Workout Benefits

Nordic walking is an entire-body workout that gives many additional benefits to regular walking. Nordic walking uses more muscles than just regular walking. It also burns more calories than normal walking. To Nordic walk, you must have a set of Nordic walking poles, good walking shoes, and comfortable clothes.

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Is Nordic Walking A Good Workout?

But just by adding Nordic walking poles to your regular walking routine, you can see substantial benefits to your walking. Nordic walking is a low-impact full-body workout with many benefits you will not receive just from normal walking.

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