Is Quinoa Good For A Keto Diet?

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Quinoa is one of those foods that many people enjoy eating and want to know whether or not it is something they can eat on the keto diet.

Quinoa has too high in carbohydrates to be on a keto diet. For most people, one cup of Quinoa is over your daily limit of carbohydrates. A keto diet is successful when you increase your protein intake and limit your carbohydrates so that your body can burn fat.

Quinoa, Keto Diet, And Carbs

If you are looking to lose weight on a keto diet, we recommend that you do not eat Quinoa. The reason is that despite being a healthy food, it is also a grain and rich in carbohydrates.

Here are the carbohydrates of Quinoa:

I Cup of Quinoa has 39 grams of carbohydrates.

Even though Quinoa has 0 g of sugar, it does have a lot of carbohydrates.

Here are some comparisons of Quinoa to other grains:

1 cup of Quinoa – 39 grams of Carbohydrates

1 cup of Brown Rice – 45 grams of Carbohydrates

1 cup of White Rice – 45 grams of Carbohydrates

1 cup of cooked pasta – 45 grams of Carbohydrates

When comparing brown rice, white rice, and uncooked pasta, Quinoa is lower in carbohydrates than some grains, but it is too high for a keto diet.

Keto Diet And Carbohydrates Explained

A keto or ketogenic diet is a diet that is high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates. The truth is that most of the carbohydrates that you should be eating on a keto diet should come from your vegetables. Eating a keto diet should consist of low-carb vegetables and not include whole or other grains.

When you limit your carbohydrates, certain things will start to happen to your body. Most of our body’s cells prefer to use blood sugar or glucose as their primary energy source. After eating a chocolate bar, you might suddenly feel a rush of energy because the glucose is coming into your system, and your system is waking up to a glucose high.

Unfortunately, after you eat that chocolate bar, that glucose high does not last very long, and then you can then feel zapped with energy or tired again. The cycle can be hard to break between the sugar highs and lows.

The keto diet forces your body to use a different fuel type instead of blood sugar or glucose. As you’ve been controlling your blood sugar or the carbohydrates that can turn into sugar or glucose, you are forcing your body to substitute or find another fuel to use.

That fuel is usually stored fat that is turned into molecules called ketones. That is why many people on the keto diet start to lose fat instead of muscle.

Most people on a keto diet should eat between 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates per day depending on your body size.

Most people on a keto diet need to limit their carbohydrates to intake of fewer than 20 to 50 g of carbohydrates depending upon their body size; one cup of Quinoa would realistically be over your entire carbohydrate limit for a day.

If all you ate was just that one cup of Quinoa for that day, you may even then be over your carbohydrate limit on the keto diet. And realistically, most people would not just eat Quinoa for the day; they will also eat other things to go with it, such as vegetables and meat.

Keto Diet Explained

There’s a lot of confusion about exactly what it means to be on a keto diet. Most people understand that they need to limit carbohydrates when they are on a keto diet, but many people also feel like the only thing they need to eat is just meat and fat.

On a keto diet, you want to eat protein, usually meat, eggs, tofu, and other kinds of protein. But you also want to eat vegetables like salad, asparagus, and green beans; you use the fat to season or add flavor to your meal.

A keto diet should consist of the following:

0.5 to 1 grams of protein per day for every pound of ideal body weight. If your ideal body weight is 165 pounds then your protein would no more than 165 grams of protein per day.

20 to 50 grams of Carbohydrates

You would then be smart with fats to season and make food flavorful.

The Keto diet is about eating proteins, eating carbohydrates like vegetables, and then using fat for seasoning or flavoring your food. You can have string cheese or turkey slices on a keto diet. You can also have avocados and lots of other healthy fats.

Eating Quinoa should not be one of the carbohydrates you choose to have on a keto diet as it is just too high in carbohydrates. The quinoa will cause you to lose all the keto diet benefits as it will take you out of a keto diet because the carbohydrates will be too high.

To be successful on a keto diet means cutting your carbohydrate intake. And by limiting your carbohydrate intake, you need to be reasonable about which carbohydrates you choose.

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