How Many Almonds Make A Gallon Of Almond Milk?

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When you drink almond milk, it is good to understand how many almonds are really in almond milk. Or if the almond milk is mainly water and other ingredients.

Store-bought almond milk only has about 2% almonds; not many almonds are used to produce almond milk. Unsweetened almond milk is keto and low carb friendly while low in calories. If you want a lot of almonds in your almond milk, you should make homemade almond milk.

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2% Almonds In Most Store-bought Almond Milk

Store-bought almond milk only contains about 2% almonds. That means if you buy a gallon of Almond Milk from a famous brand such as Blue Diamond’s Almond Breeze and Almond Silk, there are probably only about 4 to 5 Almonds per cup.

Below is the chart to show the approximate amount of almonds in a cup, quart, and gallon of almond milk. These are just approximate values and based on the 2% rule that recently was alleged in a court case that Blue Diamond, one of the leading US Almond Milk brands, uses in their milk:

Approximate Almonds In Store Bought Almond Milk

MeasurementsApproximate Number Almonds
1 Cup 4 to 5 Almonds
1 Quart 16 to 20 Almonds
1 Gallon 64 to 80 Almonds
No Of Almonds In Almond Milk

As you can see from this chart, in 1 cup of almond milk, there are not that many almonds. Most people say that one of the number one ingredients is carrageenan. Carrageenan is a product extracted from seaweed and used as a thickening agent in food products.

In 2015 a lawsuit alleged that there were only 2% Almonds in Almond milk; Forbes magazine reported:

“A class-action lawsuit was filed here in New York against Blue Diamond Almond Breeze and Silk brand almond milk products. According to the suit, these almond milk products contain only 2% almonds. In a false advertising claim of this nature, the question is not really whether the product contains 2% almonds or 100% almonds. The questions are: (1) What percent do consumers believe they are buying, and does the packaging and promotion send a deceptive signal? (2) Under the laws of the state of New York in which the lawsuits have been filed, are these false and deceptive trade practices and false advertising.”

Forbes Magazine

The main question is, does this matter? If almond milk is low carb and unsweetened almond milk is low sugar, does it matter if it tastes good and does not contain many almonds? It does not have many almonds, so it is also low-calorie.

But the reality is that there are very few almonds when you buy store-bought almond milk. That is why a lawsuit said it should not be called almond milk, as the percentage of almonds is relatively tiny.

Approximate Almonds In Homemade Almond Milk

One of the problems with this is that most homemade almond milk calls for much more almonds than processed or store-bought almond milk. This is also why almond milk is not always considered the best choice for children because, unlike dairy milk, store-bought almond milk does not have as many nutrients as whole dairy milk.

Homemade almond milk calls for many more almonds than store-bought almond milk. So, if you want more almonds in a cup of almond milk, you should make homemade almond milk.

Below is a chart that shows the approximate number of almonds per 1 cup, 1 quart, and 1 gallon of homemade almond milk. This is only the approximate amount and can be more or less depending on your chosen recipe.

Measurements Approximate Almonds Used
1 cup 23 to 35 Almonds
1 Quart 92 to 140 Almonds
! Gallon 368 to 560 Almonds
Homemade Almond Milk, Almonds Used

As you can see from this chart, many more almonds are used in most homemade recipes than in any store pot brands. If you want almond milk filled with almonds, the best thing you can do is make homemade almond milk.

Making homemade almond milk will take time, as you all need to soak the almonds before you can even make the milk. Between the prep and cooking time, you make your own almond milk, which can take 20 hours. Most of that time is used to make almond milk for soaking the Almonds, so making almond milk is not difficult.

Nutritional Comparison Store Bought And Homemade Almond Milk

Because the store-bought Almond milk brands and the homemade almond milk have significantly different quantities of almonds, there is also a difference in their nutritional values. Generally, homemade almond milk is higher in calories than the store-bought version.

Serving/1 CupUnsweetened
Almond Milk
Almond Milk
Calories30 138
Total Fat2.5 grams9 grams
Cholesterol0 mg0 mg
Sodium170 mg0 mg
Carbohydrate 1 gram4 grams
Sugars 0 grams1 gram
Protein1 gram4 grams
Nutritional Value Unsweetened
Almond Milk Vs. Homemade Almond Milk

The recipe we use for this homemade almond milk is from the Joe Cross Website with the Reboot with Joe. You can find the recipe for the almond milk by clicking here.

The homemade version of Almond Milk has more carbs and sugars than the storebought version. It is also higher in calories. That is simply because many more almonds are used to produce homemade almond milk.

I use the storebought version because it is better for the keto and low-carb lifestyle as it has few calories, carbs, or sugar. But you can decide if you want more almonds in your almond milk or want to take the time to make it yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many almonds are typically used to produce store-bought almond milk?

Store-bought almond milk usually contains only about 2% almonds, which means a small quantity of almonds is used in its production.

Is store-bought almond milk low in calories?

Yes, store-bought almond milk is generally low in calories compared to other dairy or plant-based milk alternatives.

Is unsweetened almond milk suitable for a keto or low-carb diet?

Yes, unsweetened almond milk is often considered keto and low-carb friendly since it contains minimal carbohydrates and is not sweetened with added sugars.

Why does store-bought almond milk contain a low almond content?

The low almond content in store-bought almond milk is primarily due to cost and production efficiency. Higher almond concentrations would increase the price and alter the texture of the milk.

Can homemade almond milk contain a higher proportion of almonds?

Yes, homemade almond milk allows you to customize the almond content, and you can choose to include a higher proportion of almonds for a richer flavor.

Is homemade almond milk more nutritious than store-bought almond milk?

Homemade almond milk may contain a higher concentration of nutrients since you have control over the ingredients and almond content. However, store-bought almond milk is often fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Does homemade almond milk have a different taste compared to store-bought almond milk?

Homemade almond milk can have a fresher and nuttier flavor compared to store-bought varieties. The taste may vary based on the almond-to-water ratio and any additional flavorings you choose to add.

Is making homemade almond milk time-consuming?

Making homemade almond milk requires soaking almonds, blending, and straining, which can take some time. However, the process can be simplified with practice and the use of efficient equipment.

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