Low Carb Diet 3 Days & Normal Diet (With Carbs) Other 4 Days

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What Happens If You Did A Low Carb Diet 3 Days A Week And (With Carbs) The Other 4 Days? Can You Lose Weight This Way?

If you decide to be on the keto diet for three days a week and go off the diet for four days a week, you will never get into ketosis and will not burn fat as energy. It can take most people several days to get their body into ketosis, but if you continue to go on and off the keto diet, you will never get fully into ketosis.

Going In And Out Of A Keto Diet Does Not Work

If you go on a keto diet, the yoyo keto diet or going off and on the keto diet does not work very well. There are many reasons why the keto diet does not work if you decide to go on the keto diet.

Going off the keto diet four days a week will derail you and your success. If you only eat a keto diet three days a week, it will derail your diet. You will not lose weight if you go in and out of a keto diet.

Here is why going in and out of a keto diet is unsuitable for you, and you will not lose weight.

  • You Will Probably Not Lose Weight – If you continue to go off and on the keto diet, you will not lose much weight. Your body would not burn fuel as efficiently as if you stayed on the keto diet.
  • You Will Not Get In Ketosis – The Keto diet will help you get into ketosis, which means that your body will start to burn fat as fuel. You will not stay in ketosis; after three days on a keto diet, you will sabotage your diet as soon you start to get into ketosis.
  • It Is Not Healthy – It is not healthy for you to try to play a yoyo kind of game with your diet, especially a keto diet.
  • Any Weight Loss You Will Gain Back – Any weight loss you have made on a diet, you will gain back, so all you will be doing is going on a diet for a few days to be bad for some more days.

Why Is Ketosis Important On The Keto Diet?

To understand why staying on the keto diet is essential, you need to understand the process of ketosis. Ketosis is when your body stops burning carbohydrates and begins to burn fat for energy.

When your body begins to burn fat, it makes things called ketones, which you can then use for fuel. One of the reasons the keto diet has been so effective for weight loss is because you are burning fat and not carbohydrates, so you’re essentially losing fat and not just water weight.

They are also a couple of other things that ketosis or being in ketosis can do to help you to be able to stay on your diet. While in ketosis, it helps you, so you do not feel so hungry. Because your hunger is less, you’ll tend to eat less, which will also help you to lose weight.

But getting into ketosis is not automatic. For most people who don’t have diabetes and are not pregnant, it can take 3 to 4 days of eating fewer than 50 g of carbohydrates per day to get into ketosis.

If you decide to do a diet plan where you eat very low carbohydrates and eat a keto diet for three days, you will never get into ketosis. Or the minute you start to get into ketosis, you are eating carbohydrates which will kick you out of ketosis almost immediately.

The other issue is when most people start to eat a lot of carbohydrates, many of those carbohydrates also have a lot of added sugar. The added sugar will also throw you out of ketosis.

How To Know If I Am In Ketosis?

The best way to know if you’re in ketosis is to test your ketones using a blood ketone meter. If your blood ketone levels are at or above 0.5 mmol/L, you are in ketosis.

The keto meter we recommend is Keto Mojo; you can find out more about Keto Mojo by clicking here.

The Keto Mojo meter is straightforward to use, and it helps you know whether or not you are in ketosis, but to be in ketosis, you should stick to the keto diet.

Ketone Experiment

Suppose you are not sure about the keto meter and or the ketones. Then get yourself a meter. Measure your ketones before you start on a keto diet. You should see that your ketos are under 0.5.

Now be very strict on the Keto diet for at least a week, then check your ketones. You should see that not only have you lost weight, but you also have ketones over 0.5. This means you are in ketosis.

If you eat some carbohydrates, then wait at least a few hours or a day of eating carbohydrates and test your ketones again.

You will learn how quickly most people’s bodies will stop burning fat or using ketones for fuel and how fast your body will go out of ketosis when you start to eat carbohydrates.

If you are serious about losing weight and being on the keto diet, then you should not go on and off the diet but stay on the diet so that you can continue to remain in ketosis. Going in and out of ketosis will not help you with your keto diet or help you lose weight.

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